Good news for those withsensitive skin!

Finally, a less-irritating, 100% natural, plant-based alternative to retinol: Bakuchiol increases cell turnover and stimulates collagen, diminishing signs of aging such as fine lines, wrinkles, skin laxity, and overall photodamage.

Our skin is unique and needs careful attention. There are so many facial products on the market today, it is confusing what is the best and what really works. But we do know that natural is always the better way to go and so we designed and tested Bakuchiol Serum—a natural facial skin product with proven effectivity.

A wide range of facial skin products traditionally include retinol which is a vitamin A derivative, and is known to boost collagen production, which makes the skin more supple and can hide fine lines and wrinkles. But retinol is a chemical, detrimental to the skin, and even a small amount can cause irritation, redness, and dryness.

Bakuchiol Serum however, will enable all the effects of retinol without the harsh side-effects.









100% Natural

Benefits of using Bakuchiol Serum

  • Increase natural collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines.
  • Our gentle formula enables all the effects of retinol without causing irritation.
  • Boosts the skin’s elasticity and firmness.
  • Decreases roughness and dryness.
  • Helps fight acne due to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
  • Lighten dark spots, and brighten skin that has lost its luster.
  • Works on all skin types, Day and night.
  • Eco-friendly,  plant-based serum, made with organic ingredients.

What is it for?



Under eye



Key Ingredients




Aloe Vera


Our Science

Psoralea Corylifolia


Hydrogenated Squalene


Punica Granatum Extract


Bioactive Compounds






How to Apply

  • After cleansing, pat a small amount of the serum to areas of concern.
  • Smooth into creases.
  • Use morning and night.
  • And remember: less is more!


How does the 100% Money Back Guarantee work?

Our goal is your full satisfaction: if you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

If you are in any way unhappy with a product you ordered with us, we’ll exchange it, replace it or refund your money, including the return cost.

Simply email or chat, and we’ll take care of you.

Is 2-Day shipping really free?

YES! Your order is being processed within 1 open day and is shipped to your doorstep, free of charge for continental US, using USPS 2-Day Priority Mail.

We are committing to deliver any order within 2 open days in the USA.

For order placed from outside of the USA:

  • Shipping cost for Canada is a flat fee of US$14
  • Shipping cost for the rest of the world is a flat fee of US$20
Is Bakuchiol better than Retinol?

Bakuchiol is proven to have a similar gene expression regulation as Retinol.

Both boost collagen and elastin production and reduce photoaging like fine lines and wrinkles. But unlike Retinol, Bakuchiol has no harsh side effects on the skin and is a much more gentle alternative.

And because it is not Retinol, it has the potential to be safe in while pregnant and breastfeeding.

Bakuchiol is also a proven and effective alternative to retinoids in the fight against acne. It’s a plant-derived compound and is much better tolerated than retinoids, and therefore your best choice if your skin is acne-proned.

How long does it take to see results from our serum?

Bakuchiol serum can make your skin feel more hydrated and smoother, and look brighter overnight, but treating concerns like hyperpigmentation and signs of aging require a little more patience: it may take up to one week to see wrinkles and fine lines diminish.

Being consistent with your treatment is key to achieve full result.

I was amazed by the fast results and I feel way more …

This Serum REALLY works! I was amazed by the fast results and I feel way more confident with my face and skin. I even cut back on makeup because I don’t have blemishes and dark Scars to Cover anymore. Not to mention I’ve ALWAYS had extremely dry flakey skin but this serum makes me glow even family and friends recognized the change and asked what I’m doing different


Lovely to use.

I used this product mornings and evenings after cleansing. It was easy to apply, and absorbed beautifully, with no sticky residue. Only time will tell if it has any long lasting effect, but nonetheless it’s certainly one of the nicest serum products I’ve used so far; I would definitely buy this again.


Great retinol alternative

It’s early days yet but very pleased with it so far, slight tingle with first use but that’s how I know it’s actually got some strength to it & no reaction but slight redness but nothing major. I am looking forward to longer use as my skin feels so soft after using it for a short time


I really do love it

This is my second time ordering this product, so of course I love it. I love this not only because I can use it every night but I also can spot treat for daytime. I’m almost 40 but I still have acne prone skin, but I refuse to hit the dermatologist up… she didn’t help at all really just told me to use a stupid cream that my insurance won’t cover because I’m not a teen. The product or cream was so not helpful, but this serum has saved my skin 😁



I never had acne as a teen luckily, now as I’m 27 I’ve been dealing with it on and off. I have been having really bad acne lately to the point it wouldn’t go away. This was really messing with my emotions, anything I tried wasn’t working. I started researching what works well for adults with acne and came upon Bakuchiol. The serum is nice, not greasy. (I have oily skin so I’m careful to what I use)

Jane D

Benefits of using Rose Quartz Facial Massage Roller

  • Increases circulation through stimulation of skin
  • Helps skincare products better absorb into the skin.
  • Promotes lymphatic drainage.
  • Reduce dark under eye circle.
  • Reduces puffiness and wrinkles.
  • Tightens and reduce pore size.
  • Encourages micro-circulation and the flow of fresh oxygen to the skin.
  • Overall, skin can instantly appear smoother and more contoured.

What is it for?



Under eye